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Conceptual reality
Everyone lives the illusions others have created for them.


Take all your ideas of what you want, what you want to be, who you want to be, then built these images around you, as part of your actual reality of your consciousness, this is conceptual reality.


The concept of who you are already exists with in your mind s eye, it is just that not many people fine-tune this image, rather than stay in the same conceptual idea of who they are for their entire lives, not trying to change or modify their image in the slightest. If you take a look at yourself, your reality, then decide how to restructure it to suit your life s desires, your life s purpose.


We can each live a life of ease or a life of stress control and trouble depending upon our outlook. We need to decide whom or what we wanted to be, then start to make the changes to achieve that image. How we for our posture, our stance, moods, words, ideas, feelings, all there is about us including our clothes and possessions all come together to make us how others perceive us. We should form the concept then the substance of whom we are and use these to step by step create our conceptual reality.


Reality formed by concepts that you desire have more power than those that fate would throw in your way given the chance. Make your life shine in the light of the concepts you have formed for your reality.


The way you think is the driving force that fashions your world thereby governing the kind of life that you live. Through your imagination, focused thought, desire and beliefs, persistence, and endurance, as the master of your known universe, you can create within your reality the things that you desire. With this reality, you can shape a life that has meaning; the quality of life you have is determined solely by the effort you put into giving your life value, purpose and a reason.

We must change our self before we try to change the world.
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