Find Freedom
The Journey's Game
Life is just a game that we play to pass eternity.


Within our desires we create the meaning and purpose of our life by ourselves; the meaning of life is the meaning of life is the meaning that we give to life through what we place our focus upon then pursue with vigour. The purpose of our life is the purpose we decide then create by ourselves; there is no secret formulae that we must follow or rules we must adhere to. The purpose we give to life is our choice alone.

Life is indeed an adventure where we can meet many people and enjoy the experience, the wonder of living. If we are burdened or feel dissatisfied with our existence then rather than accept the way things are by persevering we should aim to start changing our circumstances. Any sacrifices that need to be made become worthwhile once life starts to improve for us by shifting focus from fear or stress, the oppressive control of others, or burdens we endure, towards a life of joy, contentment and bliss.


Realisation that the true meaning of life is solely based upon the meaning that we give to life; that what we experience is a product of our thoughts; that undesirable elements are what we accept through our inability to change or replace them for something better. Whatever is will be as long as we do nothing to change it for something preferable. By grasping control over our reality we can mould our life to suit our desires.


You must always have a clear vision, a desire, of what you want. If you can't see what you want in your mind's eye then what hope do you have of seeing what you want within your reality. We are blessed with the ability to create, to make what we want real. With the constant focus on our dreams we can make them really come true for us..


The potential is infinite, there is actually no limit set on our potential or even what we can achieve, it is all limited by our ability to see the potential of our desires, as well as the effort we are prepared to make to bring something into our life, we can ask for then receive as much as we want.

Always endeavour to be positive on your life s journey.
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